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Pets (human form) Empty Pets (human form)

Post  Trinity on Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:19 am

Just some pets i found on the wiki (those are all combat pets)
Pets (human form) 53797374656D2FE3839AE38383E383882FE688A6E99798E3839AE38383E383882FE38090E99AA0E88085E38091_E99AA0E880852E6A7067
Pets (human form) 53797374656D2FE3839AE38383E383882FE688A6E99798E3839AE38383E383882FE38090E4B896E7958CE38091_E4B896E7958C322E6A7067
Pets (human form) 53797374656D2FE3839AE38383E383882FE688A6E99798E3839AE38383E383882FE38090E6ADBBE7A59EE38091_E6ADBBE7A59E30312E6A7067
Pets (human form) 53797374656D2FE3839AE38383E383882FE688A6E99798E3839AE38383E383882FE7B582E78489E381AEE6ADBBE7A59E_E784A1E9A18C2E4A5047
Pets (human form) 53797374656D2FE3839AE38383E383882FE688A6E99798E3839AE38383E383882FE38090E9AD94E8A193E5B8ABE38091_E9AD94E8A193E5B8AB2E6A7067
Pets (human form) 53797374656D2FE3839AE38383E383882FE688A6E99798E3839AE38383E383882FE6B0B7E99BAAE9AD94E8A193E5B8AB_E784A1E9A18C2E6A7067
Pets (human form) 53797374656D2FE3839AE38383E383882FE688A6E99798E3839AE38383E383882FE38090E6B395E79A87E38091_E6B395E79A872E6A7067
Pets (human form) 53797374656D2FE3839AE38383E383882FE688A6E99798E3839AE38383E383882FE38090E688A6E8BB8AE38091_E688A6E8BB8A30312E6A7067
Pets (human form) 53797374656D2FE3839AE38383E383882FE688A6E99798E3839AE38383E38388E794BBE5838F_E38090E6989FE380912E6A7067

some are small, but thats not my fault ;p
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Pets (human form) Empty Re: Pets (human form)

Post  Ienzo on Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:12 pm

hmm i'd like to have one of those pets, i've seen it before.
but,i guess with the current LH version,we only able to wait.
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